Hammer mill

Complete shredding and maceration of clinical waste

Complementing clinical waste management strategies

The hammermill is a specialised high-speed machine that uses hammers and cutters to crush, grind, chip, or shred waste.

At Cleanaway Daniels, clinical waste is processed through our hammer mill facility before it is sent to landfill as per state guidelines.

Effective shredding to reduce volume and reduce pathogen transfer risk

Hammermill shreds the waste into unrecognisable pieces and is a mechanical waste treatment process.

This is carried out over 3 stages. First the waste is loaded into the compartment, with the hammermill grinding the waste into tiny pieces. The ground product then passes through a separator dividing solid waste from air.

The air is passed through a bank of pre-filters, HEPA and carbon filters, removing harmful chemicals and vapours before being discharged into the air.

The leftover ground product is mixed in a vat of sodium hypochlorite to render it sterile. This is then transferred to a compactor, dramatically reducing the by-product volume before being sent to a registered EPA landfill as inert waste.


Hammermill technology is used to chop, grind and macerate medical equipment such as sharps and needles to minimise volume sent to landfill.

Laparoscopic equipment
Body parts
Product destruction

Safe and secure destruction for tools and equipment

Hammermill technology is useful for customers seeking a secure product destruction service for unused tools and equipment that can reduce waste sent to landfill.

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