Compliant technology designed to reduce environmental impact

Compliant high temperature disposal process

Incineration is the mandated processing method for the treatment of pharmaceutical and cytotoxic waste. It is also recommended for certain clinical wastes where pathogens and toxins can be destroyed by high temperatures.

Benchmarked against our focus on sustainability, our incinerators employ the latest computerised automation and on-line EPA monitoring, and are designed to minimise waste sent landfill.

From incinerator to landfill

Waste is placed into the furnace for incineration. The heat volatises 90% of the waste volume as combustion products.

A stringent filtration system and regular flue gas cleaning ensures all harmful gases, including dioxin and furan, is removed before the exhaust gas is released into the atmosphere.

The residual ash is then processed into an unrecognisable form and compacted before it is sent to landfill as ash.

Water generated from the incineration process is treated as wastewater, with the sludge being sent off-site for processing and the water discharge reused in greywater applications.


Incineration is usually mandated for healthcare waste that cannot be recycled and is recommended for clinical and chemical waste where pathogens can be destroyed by high temperatures.

Clinismart CY64 (Cytotoxic)
Industrial chemical waste
Biosecurity waste
Cytotoxic waste
GMO/Biohazard waste

Built to the highest standards

Our incinerators are built to the highest safety standards, with a focus on reducing our environmental impact and help customers lower their landfill costs.

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