Robotic Washsmart

Advanced, fully automated cleaning process for Cleanaway Daniels reusable collectors

Safely disinfects containers for reuse sustainably

Fully automated, the Cleanaway Daniels Robotic Washline decants, washes, decontaminates and dries our Sharpsmart, Pharmasmart and Clinismart reusable waste containers without human contact.

Proven results in peer reviewed studies show its environmental burden to be dramatically less than any other bin washing and decontamination process, while minimising waste sent to landfill and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Stringent process ensures safety and peace of mind

Weigh and scan

Containers are weighed and scanned to ensure origin traceability once added to the robotic conveyer belt


The container is automatically decanted and its content emptied to be incinerated or autoclaved depending on the waste type


The now-empty container is blasted with strong streams of water to flush out any stubborn residue like dried blood or residual fluids


The container is now put through a cold and hot water cycle with a maximum temperature of 55° Celsius. This step recycles the water from an earlier stage in the cycle to reduce environmental impact


The container now enters a secure chamber to undergo a two-phase hot water rinse. The first is a 45-second detergent wash at 55° Celsius followed by a 15 second rinse at 85° Celsius


To prevent microbial growth, the container is now blow-dried to remove surface water. Coupled with the hot rinse from the previous step, the container emerges dry and ready for immediate use


The Cleanaway Daniels SMARTGUARD formula coating is applied to enable containers to easily shed sticky adhesives, blood, body fluids and dyes

Manual checks

The Cleanaway Daniels reusable containers undergo a 10-point Quality Assurance Check for function, scuffs, cuts, and smears before they are declared fit for use



This technology is exclusively for the Cleanaway Daniels reusable containers.

Pharmaceutical waste
Clinical waste
Cleanaway Daniels reusable containers

Clinically proven to achieve high levels of decontamination

“The Washsmart cleaning process was independently tested by coating Clinismart bins with 6-log blood suspensions of Staph aureus, E. faecalis and Mycobacterium phlei. On swabbing them after the wash, no challenge organisms were detected – this is a very high level of decontamination.”

FASM, BAgrSc, GrDpAdEd

* ‘Using reusable containers for hospital waste’ Resource, August 2009